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Vinyl is a synthetic non-biodegradable product made from polyvinyl chloride and plasticizers. Since they were made from synthetic materials, they are non-biodegradable and have longer shelf life than latex gloves. These gloves are ordinarily economical. Vinyl gloves are not for medical use but are perfectly fit for handling non-hazardous materials and chemicals. Vinyl gloves are mainly used in food industries where protection is necessary but does not require any test-style position or skill. Vinyl gloves are latex-free, so they are easily suitable for a person who is allergic to latex. They are primarily ideal for low-risk activities.

Why choose us?

When you choose us as the leading manufacturer and wholesale supplier, you will feel benefited from world-class Vinyl gloves. We provide the best vinyl gloves at a reasonable price without decreasing the standard of quality. All our products are safe and monitored by regulating authorities. Giving you world-class service from our top-class products is our top priority.

 Name:  Vinyl Gloves
 Art No.:  ART008
Price:  $1 per box(100pcs)
 Port:  Klang Port Malaysia
 Color:  Transparent, Clear, Blue
 MOQ:  500 Boxes
 Delivery Time:  About 7days after the deposit according to 1*20ft
 Payment Term:  T/T,L/C, Western Union
 Certificates:  CE,ISO,FDA 510k,FSC,EN455 etc
 Package:  100Piece/box, 10boxes/carton.

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