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Vinyl is a type of synthetic material made from polyvinyl chloride or PVC. As they are less elastic than Latex or Nitrile, they gave a smoother and comfortable fit in your hand. They also help in protection from allergies caused by latex examination gloves. As they are highly versatile, they can be used in various professions like elder care physicians, food vendors, enforcement professionals, lab technicians, hair coloring specialists, and pet care. Vinyl exam gloves are a highly repellent material that offers exceptional protection from any contamination caused by handling blood chemicals or bodily fluids.

Why choose us?

As being the leading manufacturer and wholesale supplier of vinyl exam gloves, we provide a wide range of Vinyl examination gloves in various sizes as if large, medium, and small so that it perfectly fits your hand. We also offer three years of warranty from the date of manufacture of Vinyl examination gloves. Therefore, before choosing any other websites, follow our website for the best offers in Vinyl examination gloves.

 Name:  Vinyl Examination Gloves
 Art No.:  ART0021
 Price:  On Demand
 Port:  Klang Port Malaysia
 Color:  Transparent, Clear, Blue
 MOQ:  400000PIECE
 Delivery Time:  About 5days after the deposit according to 1*20ft
 Payment Term:  T/T,L/C, Western Union
 Certificates:  CE,ISO,FDA,FSC,etc
 Package:  100Piece/box, 10boxes/carton.

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