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TPE or thermoplastic polyethylene examination gloves are a good alternative for medical purposes at a low cost. They are also excellent for when used by a restaurant or in contact with the food. They are a good alternative for when Vinyl examination gloves. As they are free from latex protein, they are less allergic to hands. The best performance of these examination gloves is better elongation and good tensile. They feel solid but soft and fit your hand very comfortably. With the coming of the pandemic COVID-19, the manufacture and use of TPE gloves increased. As they required less energy during manufacturing, they are easily disposable into the environment.

Why choose us?

Top Gloves Malaysia is the leading manufacturer and wholesale supplier of Tpe examination gloves. TPE examination gloves are not popular until now but with the coming of pandemic COVID-19the increase in demand increased in manufacturing. We provide the best quality TPE examination gloves per our customers belonging to different occupational strata.

 Name:  TPE Examination Gloves
 Art No.:  ART0013
 Price:  $10 Per Carton
 Port:  Klang Port Malaysia
 Color:  Transparent, Clear, Blue
 MOQ:  400000PIECE
 Delivery Time:  About 5days after the deposit according to 1*20ft
 Payment Term:  T/T,L/C, Western Union
 Certificates:  CE,ISO,FDA,FSC,etc
 Package:  100Piece/box, 10boxes/carton.

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