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For many years, latex is used for making disposable surgical gloves. They offer comfort, high-level performance, and versatility in their varieties in sizes and types. The medical team recommends that these gloves provide the most comfortable and flexible fit. Some doctors have described latex as a second skin. They can also be worn in long and complicated procedures. As latex gloves are made from natural rubber, they are biodegradable. They are easily disposable to nature hence an environmentally friendly product. As a Latex surgical gloves manufacturer, we would advise you that wearing latex gloves will help you get away from harmful diseases and protect your hand from harsh chemicals used in surgical instruments.

Top-quality Malaysia gloves will provide you with biodegradable latex surgical gloves. As they are environmentally friendly, you can easily use them without having a second thought of how to dispose of them. We provide top-quality latex gloves to our customers to help them in surgical procedures without harming their skins.Why choose us?

Latex Surgical Glove  
Type Powdered/Powder-Free 
Size  6.0''-9.0'' 
Color Natrual 
Package 50pairs/box, 500pairs/ctn 


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