Latex Flock Lined Household Gloves - Manufacturers And Suppliers In Malaysia

Latex is a chemical substance that originates from a natural rubber sap. These are the Milky fluid, which is mainly found in the parts of the plant. Latex household gloves are resistant to heat up to 160 degrees. As they are resistant to heat, you can easily use them in moving hot dishes or removing dishes from a microwave. These Latex household gloves are used in the kitchen and wash bathrooms, bedrooms or removing wardrobe dust. Have good electricity and recovery in large temperature, it will protect your hand from irritation and allergies caused by chemicals used in detergents and soap. Top Gloves Malaysia is the leading manufacturer and wholesale supplier of Latex Household Gloves.

Why choose us?

Latex household gloves are best in using for household work. We come with varieties of household gloves in various sizes, shapes, and types. We mold our designs according to the comfortability of our consumers. The users will benefit from using our Latex household gloves.

 Name:  Latex Household Gloves
 Art No.:  ART0024
 Price:  $0.1 Per Pair
 Port: Klang Port Malaysia
 Color:  Transparent, Clear, Blue
 MOQ:  400000PIECE
 Delivery Time:  About 15days after the deposit according to 1*20ft
 Payment Term:  T/T,L/C, Western Union
 Certificates:  CE,ISO,FDA,FSC,etc
 Package:  100Piece/box, 10boxes/carton.

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