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Gloves are meant for professional use. Professionals across the globe rely mostly on disposable latex gloves as they are screen-friendly and environmentally friendly also. Latex disposable gloves are made from 100% natural products that are made of rubber. So if you are wondering how to dispose of a latex glove, then it is less harmful to the environment as they are the products of the domain. With compared to other gloves, latex is the greenest option. Latex disposable glove comes with the powdered and non-powdered set. The inside of disposable latex gloves is covered with a thin layer of cornstarch. These make them easier to put off and on while working in a busy schedule. They were also found to be a better grip when working with slippery goods or handling knives.

Why choose us?

When you choose us, you choose the best manufacturer and wholesale supplier of latex disposable gloves in the market. Our products are monitored according to the usability of the consumer. Our disposable latex gloves are of premium quality at a reasonable price. Give you world-class service from our top-class products is our top priority.

 Name:  Disposable Latex Gloves
 Art No.:  ART0044
 Price:  On Demand
 Port:  Klang Port Malaysia
 Color:  Transparent, Clear, Blue
 MOQ:  400000PIECE
 Delivery Time:  About 15days after the deposit according to 1*20ft
 Payment Term:  T/T, L/C, Western Union
 Certificates:  CE, ISO, FDA, FSC,etc
 Package:  100Piece/box, 10boxes/carton.

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