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Cleanroom gloves are gloves that have been treated to reduce dust generation and be antistatic so that they can be used in a cleanroom. It can be broadly classified into rubber-fit gloves for precision work, and cloth gloves for touch panel work and assembly of parts. Rubber gloves are often made of nitrile rubber or latex that provides excellent gripping force. Fabric gloves are made of ultra-high-density polyethylene, low dust generation polyester material, and are dust-free, antistatic , durable, and cut-resistant. There are gloves of various materials and shapes such as fingerless inner cloth gloves for preventing stuffiness, gloves made with tough aramid fiber that have excellent heat resistance and blade resistance, finger cots used for detailed work such as handling of electronic components and small lenses. It is necessary select gloves according to the target object and the requirements for work.

Ambidextrous/hand-specific Ambidextrous
Disposable / reusable Disposable
Powdered / powder-free Powder-free
Cleanroom class 100/ISO 5
Cuff style Beaded
Cuff thickness 0,12 mm
Finger thickness 0,21 mm
Palm thickness 0,18 mm
EN norm EN 374-1 Type C (K), EN 374-5 (VIRUS)

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